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 Learn a handful of the simplest but most important standing and ground self-defence techniques of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu that will dramatically boost your confidence in a safe and ego-less environment!
✓ Get active and improve your fitness while having fun regardless or your age or how in shape you think you are!
✓ Meet an incredible group of welcoming, friendly and encouraging people!


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After training at other martial arts schools, I have noticed that I am not getting injured the way I used too, so helps keep me on the mats! My confidence has grown and my fitness has improved too!

We are two weeks into our training at Gracie Tameside. Me and my son have been looking to take up Gracie Jiu-Jitsu together for while now and jumped at the chance to start learning at the Tameside CTC. 


Alex was very welcoming from the start and explained the whole process very clearly. The atmosphere at the class is very relaxed and friendly.


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