Hygiene and your Gi

ALL GJJ students (kids and adults), are required to wear full white Gi to every class (these do not have to be Gracie branded). It is not an optional rule. You will be able to rent a Gi's in the near future. Your White Gi must always be clean, with no rips, tears, holes or stains.


- Students currently participating in our 10 day free trial. Please wear suitable clothing during this period (joggers and a t-shirt).

- Recently enrolled students waiting for their Gi to arrive from the Gracie Store.

- Students that have been authorised by us to wear something else other than a white Gi.

- Non-Gi classes (RD and some MC classes / fight simulation). For those classes you should wear your white Gi pants or combat shorts, belt, and a solid black/navy t-shirt or any Gracie Jiu-Jitsu training t-shirt.

Hygiene should always be a priority

As you know, hygiene is always important, but in Jiu-Jitsu, personal cleanliness is essential.

- Long hair must be tied back

- Nails must be clipped

- For your own safety, no jewelry of any kind should be worn to class

- Wash your Gi after every class. No exceptions. If you are training often, buy another Gi.

Failure to keep a good level of hygiene will result in your membership being suspended or cancelled.

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