October Class Calendars

NOTICE: I will be visiting the Gracie University this October (8th-15th) to train with Ryron and Rener Gracie to ensure that our classes are taught at the highest standard so there will be no classes this week.

Classes have been re-arranged on Monday 16th due to flight times being a little tight:

- 10 -15 Years Gracie Bullyproof will be on Friday 19th at 17:45

- Reflex Development Class will also be on Friday 19th at 18:30

- Gracie Combatives will be on Wednesday 17th at 20:30 and Tuesday morning has been moved to Friday at 11:00

Here are the links for the Gracie Combatives Calendar and Master Cycle Forecast for October! See everyone on the mat.

Gracie Combatives Calendar

Master Cycle Forecast

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