[Coronavirus] Temporary Closure Plan

I love jiu-jitsu, and I love the strong community we’ve created at our school. As you can imagine, to close for a short period will not be an easy decision at all from both a personal and business perspective. The centre relies entirely on the tuition payments of members to cover the overhead expenses. If tuition payments were cancelled, I would almost certainly be forced to permanently close our school and sadly there would be no classes to come back to once this passes. In order to make sure this downtime has minimal impact, and to avoid the risk of permanent closure, I intend to keep the monthly tuition payments in place for all active students (keep in mind that you will not be out of pocket as detailed below). As a token of our appreciation, myself and the Gracie University be providing some awesome jiu-jitsu benefits during this time (outlined below).


First and foremost, students will get full credit for the classes cancelled during the closure period. I will be adding new classes/seminars for both adults and children when we return to make up for lost time. Going about it this way will greatly reduce the immediate impact on the school without leaving you out of pocket. Everyone will have received a personal message about this - if you didn't please get in touch!


Last month the GU released the first-ever Street Choke Mastery Seminar online. This seminar is currently available online for £85, but as a token of our appreciation, all active students will be granted access to the seminar in their Gracie University online lesson libraries for FREE. This seminar will change EVERYTHING you think about chokes in a street fight!


Eve and Victoria Gracie created FITjitsu to be an awesome full-body exercise program that anyone can do from home, with or without a partner. This 45-minute workout is based on movements of jiu-jitsu and will get you burning like you won’t believe. The program can be found under the “Women Empowered” section in your GU online dashboard. If you can't get through it on your first attempt, don't worry neither could Rener. Enjoy the burn!


During this downtime, Ryron, Rener, and other head instructors at GU will be hosting regular live webinars on the different positional chapters of jiu-jitsu (mount, guard, side mount, etc). The seminars will be very comprehensive and there will be questions and answer opportunities from live viewers. Each time a webinar is scheduled, active students will be notified so they can log in and grow with the family.


Unlike any other jiu-jitsu school on the planet, Gracie University has a complete online curriculum that mirrors exactly what is taught in live lessons at the school every day. I personally learnt, Gracie Combatives online, at home, it’s entirely possible! Utilising Gracie University’s online system, all active students will have the opportunity to study their classes online, learn from home, and earn official class credit for any techniques learned during the closure period. Upon the reopening of the school, students will have the chance to demonstrate the newly learned techniques at a free in-person Verification Seminar, and for each completed lesson that they successfully demonstrate, they will get a check mark on their official attendance card.

I will be on hand all day to answer any questions you have about techniques via text or on the phone! I will also compile a list of the questions and share them with the group every day so everyone can benefit.

Here’s how it will work:


Log on to GracieUniversity.com from any computer or mobile device, to access the online lessons that correspond with the program you are currently enrolled in (if you have trouble logging in let us know and we’ll get you set up). Watch the lessons, and although not mandatory, if possible, practice the techniques with a friend or family member. I would recommend doing this at times when you normally be attending class!


Keep a simple training log, and each time you complete a lesson (or review a lesson you’ve previously completed), write down the date and the name of the technique(s) learned. See additional information at the bottom of the page for tracking.


Once the centre officially re-opens and classes resume as normal, we will host a series of free in-person Verification Seminars at the school for active students in each of our programs: Gracie Combatives, Gracie Bullyproof, Women Empowered and Master Cycle. In these Verification Seminars, you will have a chance to demonstrate the techniques you learned during your at-home study sessions.


For each technique that you demonstrate correctly (it doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as the core concepts of the techniques are understood) you will get official class credit on your attendance card.


Regardless of what program you’re in, if at any point during your at-home study/practice, you have a question about a technique, simply send me a text or call me and I’ll answer any questions you have.

We’re in This Together

One of the greatest benefits of jiu-jitsu is that we learn to find comfort in worst-case scenarios. This will be a very tough time for my business, and a very tough time for all dedicated students who love coming to class as much as I love teaching them. We are in this together and I am determined to make the most of these challenging circumstances.

I can’t thank you enough for your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will be sending out regular updates to keep you informed of everything on my end.



MY ONLINE LEARNING STRATEGY I have been learning online for 7 years now! Pretty much everything I teach you guys I learnt through the Gracie University Online videos. Below is the strategy I use to learn and retain as much information as possible. I'm not saying you have to use my method to be successful but if you have the time (or maybe don't have a training partner) - this is a good way...

I always print out the detailed lesson print out before I watch the class to make my notes. On the back for each variation I have three columns, what, how and why. The what is the steps of the move, the how is how the step is done and why is why are you doing that. Below is an example for the standard trap and roll escape:

what - how - why

1) grab the wrist - opposite hand with a monkey grip - prevent outwards motion

2) grab the elbow - same side hand with a c grip (thumb outside) - prevent backwards pull

3) trap the foot - same side foot step over and drag inwards - prevent the foot posting 4) Bridge hip - lift hip high of the floor with both feet - knock their weight forwards for easier roll

5) Roll to knees - use momentum to rotate straight to knees (not flat) - to then pass the legs or disengage


Aside from studying the techniques, you can drill the techniques solo, use a family member to help you or create your own training dummy (seems silly but I've made my own and it actually works, plus if you have kids its a fun way to keep them entertained). Click here to view the video >


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