It's been 4 weeks since we were told to stop training - although it feels like 4 months! The sad news is that I'm not sure when we will be back on the mat. It doesn't seem like it will be anytime in the next 4 weeks anyway.

I can't thank you enough for your support, so many of you have said they will continue to keep their memberships running in the last month and I'm unbelievably grateful, I believe we have the best members! However, I should be receiving a government grant soon and I would like like to do my bit, so I'm going freeze everyones next membership payment and any thereafter until we can return. Memberships will freeze and resume in the future automatically. You will not have to do anything, I will do it for you.

The good news is that all of the online content and every thing promised (seminars and upgrades etc) will still be available to all members that are frozen, not for cancelled memberships.

You will still receive access to:

1) Online curriculum and the verification seminars so you can still make great progress

2) New street choke mastery seminar

3) FITjitsu workout program (killer)

4) Weekly LIVE webinars with Ryron and Rener

5) Anything else I can think of adding!


1) You will still receive access to any of the free seminars when we return (starting with the street choke seminar)

2) Any membership upgrades promised

3) Access to additional classes added

4) Membership credit e.g. if we re-start on 23 June and you pay on 15th you'll receive free training for the first three weeks before your membership will start again

Again, thank you so much to those of you keeping your membership active over the last 4 weeks - it means that our club should be able to defend and survive until we can be on the mat again!

Speak soon!


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