I hope everyone is staying safe. I'm looking forward to these webinars every weekend - the body might not be sharp but the mind will be!

I also have some extra things that will hopefully help everyone make great progress during this period that I will send out next week.

Last weekends LIVE Super Webinar on the side mount was great, and if you couldn’t join it live, here is the link >

NEW THIS WEEKEND - Gracie Bullyproof and Women Empowered LIVE!

In addition to Part 3 of the GJJ Super Webinars, there have been so many requests from Gracie Bullyproof and Women Empowered students, that this weekend they are going to host three separate live webinars!

Here is the schedule for this weekend, but remember, these seminars are only accessible to active students at Gracie Tameside and CTCs around the world.

Saturday at 9pm GMT: Gracie Bullyproof LIVE Webinar: Part 1 – Responsibility

Saturday at 10pm GMT: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu LIVE Super Webinar: Part 3 – Guard

Sunday at 5pm GMT: Women Empowered LIVE Webinar: Part 1 – Escapes

Click this link to access the webinars >

All students are invited to attend all three live webinars. So, if you have immediate family members that would benefit from attending one of the other live webinars this weekend, feel free to invite them to join you!


PS You may think it's silly but I made one of these for myself (I posted a pic on Instragram @gracietameside) and it's actually REALLY useful! If you have kids, this is a great opportunity to get creative with them. Click the image to view the video >

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