How can I help?

I strongly believe that whilst the body may not be sharp when we can get back on the mat, the mind can be! And in many ways you will come back better than before.

Here's everything that active members are currently receiving to help maintain progress:

✓ Home Learning Programme and Verification Seminars

(full info here)

✓ Live Webinars every weekend from Ryron and Rener Gracie

(I understand there is a lot of information in them so I will be replicating both kids and adults seminars every week when we return. Free of course for all members that remain active during this period.)

✓ Additional access to content

(All active adult members can request access to the Bullyproof curriculum and parents may view the beginner course content)

✓ Unlimited support

(I've had plenty of questions from members about techniques and principles and will continue to help as much as possible. Send an email to if you have questions about any techniques and I'll get back to you ASAP!)

✓ Street Choke Mastery Seminar

(This will be one of the first seminars that we will have on our return - I can't wait! Again, free for members that remain active)

✓ NEW FitJitsu Workout available now!

(This may come across as a cheesy home workout DVD. And it is to an extent. But don't be deceived - my legs were killing me after this. Get your partner involved!)

My question to you is... Is there anything else you feel I can do to help?

I have considered the idea of a live zoom webinar where I can stream some of the bonus breakdown content (narrated sparring videos etc) I get access to ;) would you be interested?

Are you happy sticking to your own schedule or would many of you prefer me to create a weekly plan?

Drop me an email at with any suggestions!

- Alex

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