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Ultra White Gi (Kids)

The Ultra White Gi is decked out with high-quality woven patches and custom high-density embroidery! The jacket is custom tailored with a multi-fabric bottom hem as well as a reinforced collar, sleeves, and armpits for enhanced durability.



This gi meets the requirements for IBJJF tournaments.


Note: Belt Not included.


  • Gi Top: Lightweight Pearl Weave Cotton (350 GSM)
  • Gi Pants: Lightweight Twill Cotton
  • High-density Embroidered Logos
  • Inside Pocket for Mouth Piece Placement
  • Quadruple Reinforced Pant Loops
  • Flat Rope Drawstring


M004'0" - 4'3"50 - 60
M04'3" - 4'6"65 - 80
M14'6" - 4'9"80 - 95
M24'9" - 5'0"95 - 110


Ultra White Gi (Kids)

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