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Community Update - 11/7/23

Here's what's new...

- Thursday class time updates

- July Class calendars

- Review: UK Instructor Conference

- Gracie Game Day this Saturday

- New Gracie Breakdown: Punch Block Series



Thursday Little Champs time change: Starting Thursday 20th July the 5:45pm 6-9yrs class will be 15 minutes earlier at 5:30pm for the foreseeable future.

Thursday Gracie Combatives change: Starting Thursday 20th July the 6:30pm GC class will be 15 minutes earlier at 6:15pm and will be followed by a new 30 minutes RD class.

Thursday Master Cycle change: Starting Thursday 20th July the 7:30pm MC class will be 15 minutes later at 7:45pm.



The July calendars for all programs are now available on the members area:

Master Cycle sparring on Saturday is at 11AM due to the Gracie Game Day.

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gracie jiu jitsu instructors

A couple of weekends ago, James and I traveled to Gracie Jiu Jitsu Watford for a gathering of certified instructors from across the UK and Europe.

Beyond Jiu Jitsu technique, the purpose of this conference was business discussion.

I've attended numerous martial arts business meetings that mostly revolve around numbers, metrics, Facebook ads, and so on, all of which are important for a business.

However, what's fantastic is that our 'business talk' mainly focuses on cultivating an exceptional culture and offering the best experience to our members. The passion for teaching Jiu Jitsu in that room was remarkable!

I am extremely proud to be a part of this team and if you've ever contemplated becoming a certified instructor, I encourage you to come and speak to me about it.



martial arts character development

Quick reminder that Gracie Game Day is this Saturday (15th July) from 10AM-11AM.

Please wear uniform and bring the signed game day chart (downloadable here).


NEW GRACIE BREAKDOWN: The Punch Block Series

Getting trapped underneath someone larger and stronger than you is extremely dangerous!

This is why everyone should learn Jiu Jitsu concepts of the Punch Block Series 🔥


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